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The Schoenberg Nordal: One of the World's Finest Automobiles

Zwölfpunkte Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft is proud to announce the Schoenberg Nordal automobile. The Nordal has received rave reviews in the automotive press since its introduction on September 13, 2000. For example, the prestigious Weiner Transportharmoniezeitung declares that "The Schoenberg Nordal will assure the supremacy of German automobiles for the next one hundred years."

Revolutionary X-12 Engine

The heart and soul of the Schoenberg Nordal is the revolutionary X-12 engine. Four banks of three cylinders each are arranged in a boxer formation. A highly imaginative patented symmetrical serial fuel injection system closely synchronizes engine activity. The cylinder serialization system insures incredibly smooth power from the X-12 engine.

Dodecamatic All Wheel Drive System

The Schoenberg Nordal features the innovative Dodecamatic All Wheel drive system. Three-way independent control at each wheel controls torque, velocity, and drag independently by sophisticated computer software. The Dodecamatic All Drive system is unique because it is fully functional in both forward and reverse. In addition, the system detects and compensates for even the slightest loss of traction (inversion) if a tire leaves the road during cornering or emergency maneuvers. The Dodecamatic All Drive system even functions perfectly to detect traction loss in reverse. Hours of extensive closed circuit testing with professional drivers have demonstrated that the Dodecamatic All Wheel drive system functions perfectly in forward, reverse, inversion, and reverse inversion

Superior Electronics

One example of attention to detail in the Schoenberg Nordal is the imaginative Tonmeister sound system. The Tonmeister system distributes 144 watts RMS of clean power to six front and six rear high-fidelity speakers. Real-time computer monitoring apportions signals to each speaker individually. This Tonmeister sonic allocation system ensures that each passenger will receive sound from each of the speakers equally.

Unique Safety Features

The Schoenberg Nordal leads the way in innovative safety features. For example, statistical studies have shown that the 13th of each month is the most dangerous travel day. The innovative Driezehnangstkalender system assures that the Nordal will not operate on this day. At Zwölfpunkte Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft, passenger safety is paramount.

Invest Today

The exciting world of automotive manufacturing is now available to any investor. Through a special contractual arrangement, The Porcine Fund is providing supplemental venture capital for Zwölfpunkte Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft. The Porcine Fund and Zwölfpunkte Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft are exhilarated by the upside potential of the synergies created by the merger of premier mutual fund financing and superior automobile engineering. Please make all investments directly through The Porcine Fund. Invest today. You'll be glad you did.

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