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Innovative Transportation Solutions

Pullman Intermodal Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung offers state-of-the-art comprehensive transportation solutions for intermodal rail freight carriers world wide. Located in Lucerne Switzerland, Pullman Intermodal GmbH coordinates all aspects of rail car finance, delivery, maintenance, and rental through a network of partners and subsidiaries. Pooled railcars are provided to North American and European railroads at competitive hire rates.

Contemporary Rail Freight Business Practices

For many decades the cost of rail freight car ownership has been prohibitive for railroad operating companies, even the Class One railroads. Several joint ventures, such as TTX , have been created to pool resources for railcar ownership and maintenance. Nearly all railcars today are assigned from a pool of cars owned by third parties. When a railcar requires maintenance, it can be located anywhere and be operated by any carrier. Thusly, maintenance of railcars has been disseminated to various organizations and cross charged back to the ultimate carrier. Pullman Intermodal GmbH has been created to further leverage the ambiguity of the contemporary fabric of rail industry practices.

Finance and Car Ownership

A separate entity is necessary to isolate railcar ownership. Rail Transportation Holding Corporation in Colonel Hill, Bahamas has been established as a sister organization of Pullman Intermodal GmbH. All ownership contracts are handled by Rail Transportation Holding Corporation. In addition, special funding through Privatbank Schweineartiger Zürich AG has been obtained. Privatbank Schweineartiger Zürich AG and Rail Transportation Holding Corporation together execute all ownership matters, completely segregating Pullman Intermodal GmbH.


Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the Fitch Rail Maintenance Contract Shop schedules maintenance and repairs on locomotives, passenger coaches and railway cars for industrial customers throughout North America. The Rail Maintenance Contract Shop does not perform maintenance and repair work, but rather assigns work to subcontractors. Services assigned include paint, wheels, locomotive, and railcar. The European sister corporation is the Langjahr Schiene Wartung Vertrag Geschäft located in Kiel, Germany.

Intermodal Railcar Delivery

Railroads have access to Pullman Intermodal GmbH railcars through interchange agreements. Pullman Intermodal GmbH has created a wholly owned subsidiary, Rail Automated Intermodal Delivery located in Jakarta, Indonesia to coordinate the physical delivery of railcars. Rail Automated Intermodal Delivery also maintains a field office in Cicero, Illinois. The ultimate requirement from railroads is the physical delivery of railcars in a timely manner, regardless of sourcing. Rail Automated Intermodal Delivery has a proven track record of timely railcar delivery. A series of interlocking reciprocal agreements with other railcar owners facilitates delivery. Under some circumstances, immediate delivery is followed by subsequent subcontracting.

Leasing, Rental, and Master Contract Coordination

Pullman Intermodal GmbH has the fiduciary and administrative responsibilities for all master leasing, rental, and master contracts. In addition, Pullman Intermodal GmbH collects all receivables. Thusly, all revenue streams are centralized. The advantages of international dispersal and electronic funds transfer optimize cash flow. State of the art accounting practices allow the isolation of revenue in Pullman Intermodal GmbH while simultaneously distributing expenses to partners and subsidiaries.

Invest Today

The exciting world of intermodal freight traffic is now available to any investor. Through a special contractual arrangement, The Porcine Fund is providing supplemental venture capital for Pullman Intermodal GmbH. The Porcine Fund and Pullman Intermodal GmbH are exhilarated by the upside potential of the synergies created by the merger of premier mutual fund financing and innovative transportation solutions. Please make all investments directly through The Porcine Fund. Invest today. You'll be glad you did.

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