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The Biggest Name in Research and Information Services

For over a quarter of a century, The Dwarf, Little Likable Creatures (LLC), has been providing high quality extremely detailed research on a variety of topics. Some of the award winning research papers produced by The Dwarf LLC include:

  • Annotated Bibliography of Murder Mysteries, Cross Referenced by Subject Area and Author
  • Use of Grassland Cabanas by spheniscus magellanicus
  • Tire, Suspension, Fuel, and Pit Strategies for Oval Track Stock Car Races
  • The Celestial Timepiece of the Universe and Other Baseball Facts
  • Techniques of Entity Maximization in Three Dimensional Spaces
  • The Viola Used as a Musical Instrument and Other Myths
  • Practical Uses of Static Electricity
  • Adhesive Properties of Paint

Get the Low Down

The research expertise of The Dwarf LLC is now available to the general public. Whatever the subject, The Dwarf will locate and document every conceivable detail of your research topic. If you don't want to know, don't ask.

No Job Is Too Big or Too Small

From answers to simple questions to elaborate subject area tomes, no job is too big or too small for The Dwarf LLC. Flexible billing down to the second allows research associates at The Dwarf LLC to accommodate research projects of all sizes.

Minute Details Are Our Specialty

When you need minutia, depend on the research associates at The Dwarf LLC.

All of Our Customers Live Happily Ever After

Many customers of The Dwarf LLC are favorably impressed by the thoroughness, breadth, and depth of completed research. Some customers were even unaware of various subtopics or even their initial request. All research done by The Dwarf LLC is guaranteed to be thorough and completely accurate. Any details which are found to be missing or imprecise will be corrected at no additional charge.

Be Part of the Team

Recently The Dwarf LLC has announced the availability of a private offering of investment shares available for a few savvy investors. Act now to take advantage of this incredible limited time opportunity. The Dwarf LLC has sized its investment alternatives with the small investor in mind. The Dwarf LLC has been very fortunate to retain the Porcine Fund to provide venture funding. Please make all investments directly through the Porcine Fund. As The Dwarf LLC grows, so will your investment. Invest today. You'll be glad you did.

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