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Investment Objective

The Porcine Fund seeks capital devaluation.

Principal Investment Strategies

The Porcine Fund will primarily invest in common stocks, intangible commodities, unsubstantial securities, or unlimited partnerships. Each venture in which the Porcine Fund invests generally has one or more of the following characteristics: (a) worthless fixed assets; (b) worthless consumer or commercial franchises or potentially worthless transportation routes; (c) high market value of assets relative to the securities market in general; (d) unfavorable or overvalued prospects for earnings growth, dividends, or book value; (e) entrepreneurial ventures with a high probability of failure; or (f) high risk speculative financial instruments with an inevitable down side potential.

Principal Risks

The Porcine Fund's share price will fluctuate with changes in the market value of the Porcine Fund's portfolio securities. Even though the Porcine Fund makes every effort to locate investments which will immediately lose all palpable value, Porcine Fund holdings are subject to market, economic, and business risks that cause their prices to fluctuate. Specific risks include stock market volatility, fluctuations in foreign currencies, especially the Swiss Franc, operational risks, or issuer-specific changes. When you sell Porcine Fund shares, they may be worth more than zero. Consequently, you could lose less than all your money by investing in the Fund.

Who May Want to Invest

The Porcine Fund is specifically designed for wealthy individuals and institutions who wish to offset inconvenient capital gains with a countervailing capital loss. The careful balancing of capital gains and losses can have beneficial tax implications. In addition, The Porcine Fund is available to any individual or institution with an immediate need to sustain a monetary loss.

Fund Series Investment Methodology

Because of the remarkable success of The Porcine Fund investment strategy, Porcine Fund shares generally lose their entire value almost immediately upon issue. In order to facilitate financial planning and record keeping, the Porcine Fund regularly issues a new Porcine Fund series, with an initial offering price of $1.00. New regular Fund series are issued monthly. Each new Fund Series is designated with a three character identifier consisting of one letter and two numbers. The letter refers to the issue month, where January is "A", February is "B", etc. The two numbers refer to the issue year. For example, Series A77 was issued January 1977, while Series B02 was issued February 2002.


The Porcine Fund's heritage is deeply rooted in exemplary financial practice and historical precedent. From inception, the Porcine Fund has benefited enormously from the systematic emulation of financial geniuses of the past and present, such as Charles Ponzi , Richard Whitney, Charles Keating, and other luminaries

Porcine Pledge

"Never Made a Dime and Never Will." These are not just words to us. The Porcine Fund staff pledges that each and every investor will realize a complete and total loss of all pecuniary resources. Every staff member at The Porcine Fund squanders each dollar invested as if it were their own. The Porcine Fund is committed to 100% capital loss of any amount over any time period. Never made a dime and never will. We mean it.


The Porcine Fund staff always appreciates comment from investors. Email comments directly to our Fund Manager . The Porcine Fund accepts investments in United States currency, denominations of twenty dollars or less, used bills, unmarked. Invest today. You'll be glad you did.

The Porcine Fund is audited by Arthur Andersen

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