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The Opportunity

Because of steadily increasing demand for fur clothing, a good cat skin will fetch three dollars on the European fur market. A good Mexican cat skinner can skin ten cats in an hour but makes only a dollar an hour. The opportunity is obvious.

San Bromista Cat Ranch

The Ranch

Prime ranch property has already been obtained in the beautiful city of San Bromista located in the state of Guerrero, Mexico. The ranch property is ideally suited in terms of terrain, location, and climate for the cat ranching industry. But what about supply of cats?

Raw Materials

Stray cats are extremely common in Mexico. Within a short period of time, a large number of cats can easily be rounded up and placed on a ranch. Once established, the cat population will expand through the naturally high cat reproduction rate. In this manner, the supply of cats is essentially free. But what about the cost of feeding the cats?

Food Supply

Rats are even more common in Mexico than cats. Rounding up rats is even easier than cats. With the right initial rat bait, the ranch would literally be covered with more than enough rats to feed the cats. As natural enemies, the cats will quite easily feed on the rats. But what will the rats eat? After each harvesting of cat skins, the remaining cat carcasses will have no commercial value, so it makes sense to feed the cat carcasses to the rats. The rats will thrive with the cat carcass food supply. And because rats reproduce even more rapidly than cats, the food supply for the cats will be virtually unlimited.

The Value Proposition

Because the cats and rats provide the food supply for each other, the entire operation is self-perpetuating. The only expense is for the cat skinners, and at a dollar an hour that cost in nominal. Since the harvested skins have a negligible cost, the operation is nearly all profit. In a nutshell, the cats eat the rats, the rats eat the cats, and we get the skins.

The cats eat the rats, the rats eat the cats, and 
            we get the skins
The cats eat the rats, the rats eat the cats, and we get the skins.

San Bromista Cat Ranch

Humane Treatment

The San Bromista Cat Ranch exceeds all international standards for the ethical treatment of animals. Not only are the cats given free range of the entire ranch and the ranch buildings, many special ergonomic sofas have been placed for their lounging convenience. At any given moment, each cat has the choice of basking in the warm San Bromista sunshine or reclining indoors. The San Bromista Ranch terrain also contains some of the finest sandy soil in North America, especially suitable for a cat's necessary bodily functions. As already noted, the food supply is more than ample. Several wind operated pumping stations are continuously operating to supplement the natural water supply. Because of the projected exponential growth of both the cat and rat populations, it is anticipated that all cat harvesting will occur entirely from cats dying of natural causes. Recent mathematical models predict that each cat at San Bromista will live an average of 8.2 of its nine lives, a significantly higher number than than the 7.8 lives for suburban cats in the United States.

San Bromista Cat Ranch

Ecologically Sound

The San Bromista Cat ranch operates in complete ecological harmony with the environment. Each step in the operation has been carefully aligned with environmental concerns. From the utilizing the natural predatory instincts of the cats, to the natural diet, to the natural sanitation facilities, to the wind operated pumping stations, the San Bromista Cat Ranch is the epitome of an environmentally friendly business.

Visit Us

Today the San Bromista Cat Ranch runs a completely successful prototype operation. Visitors and potential investors are always welcome. In order to reach the ranch, first secure passage to Acapulco, Mexico. Obtain a four wheel drive vehicle. Travel northeast on federal highway 95. Two miles past Tierra Colorada turn left at the corner with the drug store displaying Cuban cigars in the window. All roads past this point are unimproved. Travel six miles and turn right onto the dirt road with the broken sign post. This is downtown San Bromista. Continue on this road for eighteen miles, being careful not to bottom out your vehicle when crossing the dry creek beds. At the fork, take the road less traveled on the left. Continue for seven miles past several abandoned mines and turn right at the rusted ore crushing machine. The cat ranch will be conveniently located twelve miles up this winding road. It may be advisable to inquire locally for directions. Ask for "Rancho Pieles de Gatos." The complete address is Rancho Pieles de Gatos, Playa Las Estafa, Av. de las Fingir, San Bromista, Guerrero 41138, Mexico. Have a pleasant journey.

San Bromista Cat Ranch

The Future

Researchers at Kinki University near Osaka Japan have recently inserted spinach genes into a pig, which they say will produce healthier pork. The experiment, which began several years ago, has yielded two generations of pigs with the spinach gene. Through a research grant funded by the Porcine Fund, the San Bromista Cat Ranch is actively working with the Kinki University scientists on experiments crossing cats with snakes. If the experiments are successful, the resulting hybrid cats will skin themselves, creating an even greater profit potential. It is expected that the hybrid cats will be particularly effective in the summer months when cats naturally shed hair extensively.

Invest Today

The San Bromista Cat Ranch represents an rare opportunity for the savvy investor. Every aspect of the operation is completely thought out and extremely profitable. The ranch property is already purchased, with a small scale operation in place. In addition, the entire enterprise is self-sustaining In order to reach its full potential, the San Bromista Cat Ranch requires an influx of capital. It is very fortunate that the Porcine Fund has been retained to provide venture funding. Please make all investments directly through the Porcine Fund. Invest today. You'll be glad you did.

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